How to cook healthy breakfast?

Well, its hard to imagine when you do not have time and you have to cook something fast and maintain the health as well. Here, we have some guidelines to cook healthy breakfast which you can make in seconds and still feel great about yourself.

First of all, you should decide what products do you have at your disposal. Because you can create interesting things with minimum products at hand. For that you have to be little creative.

By experience you can learn compatibility between the products.

E.g. Carrots may not be as tasty to be eaten with ginger but they make salad interesting without ginger. So, even if you have ginger, you should not add with carrot. These are some of the basic things about cooking.

Another example, you can’t use garlic with milk as it may create not only good combination but it may not be compatible to your body as well.

So, you have to know which products are interesting and we can mix them with each other without any harm to your body or the way your body functions or reacts to the foods.

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